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    Welcome to the green region - the most influential environmental advocacy organizations harnessing the power of the internet to increase public awareness and activism on today’s most important environmental issues.

    Have you ever thought about the world without sunlight? Have you ever imagined the future without clean water? Have you ever known that we are risking our children’s life… if you ever thought of stop pollution?

    We hope to collect strength and make our voice heard in the crucial battles to protect our air and water; our lands, forests, and oceans; our wildlife; our children’s future; and our planet’s climate. Please help up us to help everyone, every life and our very own planet.

    news and events

    • 29.01.2013 New Straits Times
      My Beautiful Malaysia this Sunday

    • 11.10.2012 Ida Lim
      Green technology can help drive the economy, says Najib

    • 16.10.2012 Farhana Syed Nokman
      Eco-friendly winners plant trees in school